All The Photos You Don’t Want To See Of Guys Doing The #OneFingerSelfieChallenge
jusq_ @stoneysonfire @budnialkogolika @oneyearfreedom

Okay, so yesterday we felt it was our duty to bring you the best photos we could find from the "1 finger selfie challenge".

We did it for science! (Noble, I know.) And in case you missed it, here it is.

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At first we thought we were being sexist by only featuring the girls who are completing the challenge, so we decided to see if any guys were brave enough to do it too.

We were pleasantly surprised. Not only because there were a lot more than we expected, but also because the guys got creative as hell with their photos! We just thought we would find a few guys looking for an excuse to be half naked, but instead we found some of the hilarious selfie we've eve seen:

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