All The Pictures Of "Dralo" Kissing And Grabbing You Don't Wanna See

Her love didn't cost him a thing.

Okay, truthfully, 2016 wasn't really anyone's year. It's fine. It's over now. To 2017, new beginnings, and all that jazz.

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But! The end of 2016 blessed us with something truly special: the birth of DraLo.

For a little while, the relationship between Drake and JLo was mere speculation.

But then an Instagram picture seemed to confirm what everyone knew, deep down in their hearts: Drake and JLo's relationship is a thing. It's called DraLo. And it's beautiful.

If you don't believe in the beauty of their relationship, then don't worry. There are some pictures of the two of them that just might change your mind, TBH.

This adorable, cozy picture pretty much confirmed it: DraLo is totally a thing.

Looking classy AF.

Okay, do they not look super adorable together!?

A photo posted by Ruchelle ? (@jlosbaby) on

This NYE shot of the couple also features a closeup of JLo wearing Drake's chain.

And, of course, the couple were later spotted together celebrating in Vegas.

Drake cheering on his new bae.

A photo posted by @cookie.famous on

DraLo having a good time, TBH.

SLP_MDG_301216SLUG_seqnJDRAKEAJPG Photo cred -

SLP_MDG_301216SLUG_seqnJDRAKEJPG Photo cred -

And, of course, this video making the Facebook rounds that's just too cute for words:

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