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All The Promises Denis Coderre Says He Will Do If He's Re-Elected Mayor Of Montreal

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All The Promises Denis Coderre Says He Will Do If He's Re-Elected Mayor Of Montreal

Election season is looming in Montreal, and now the city's current mayor is outlining what he'll do if re-elected mayor. 

Denis Coderre touched upon his campaign platform at an event yesterday, stating his plans for Montreal after the November 5th elections. If he's elected, of course. 

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And when it comes to Coderre's plans for the future, it's basically more of the same. 

Most of the projects and promises Coderre is making for the 2017 municipal election are extensions of his platform from the 2013 election, reports CBC. 

These include the push for Montreal to become a techno-metropolis (or “smart city”), improving and adding to existing infrastructure, and better transportation. 

Specifics weren’t really given by Coderre, with the mayor promising more details as the campaign continues. The mayor has about a month, though, so he should get the info flowing. 

As to why Coderre’s 2017 platform hasn’t changed much in four years is simple, according to the mayor: corruption. 

Coderre said his team hasn’t been able to get everything they wanted done in the last few years because of corruption at City Hall. 

Before getting projects completed, Coderre needed to “clean house,” quotes CBC. 

Corruption in politics is a pretty real problem in Montreal, and some have accused Coderre of being “just another politician” in that regard, but hopefully the current mayor has made real strides fixing this ongoing issue. 

Coderre did make some promised changes to taxation, reports La Presse. Low-income earners could get a reduced STM fair if Coderre is elected and he wants to add more bike lanes. 

Still, Coderre’s platform is a little underwhelming right now. “More of the same” doesn’t really inspire confidence or much energy. 

Not that things were horrible over the course of Coderre’s run as mayor, but we need something to look forward to. 

Certainly Coderre knows this and will galvanize his campaign strategy in the coming weeks, as election day grows closer. 

Will that be enough to defeat Coderre’s mayoral contender, Valérie Plante? Only time (and your vote) will tell. 

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