All The Promises Valérie Plante Says She'll Do If Elected Mayor Of Montreal

Keeping tabs on the would-be mayor.
All The Promises Valérie Plante Says She'll Do If Elected Mayor Of Montreal

Election season is in full swing with Montreal's municipal elections only a few weeks away on November 5th.

And while Montreal's current mayor, Denis Coderre, has already made a few promises on what he'll do if re-elected, the opposition has done the same. 

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Projet Montreal's Valérie Plante has come out as Coderre's top contender for the position of mayor. And with her heavy focus on public transit and accessibility, it's easy to see why. 

But as with any politician, Plante may be making grandiose gestures just to secure votes.  On the other hand, Plante may be the new political leader Montreal needs to bring the city into the future. 

That is, of course, for you to decide. But to help you get a handle on everything Valérie Plante hopes to do as mayor, here's a brief rundown of her current platform.   

Cheaper Public Transit For Low-Income Earners

Dubbed a "social fare," Plante has committed to making public transit 40% cheaper for anyone in Montreal livind under the poverty line.

Free STM Use For Kids And Elderly

Making public transit even more affordable is Plante's other promise, that taking a bus or metro will be 100% for children under the age of 12 and adults over 65. Plante says the last two promises are feasible by using existing provincial funding.

A New Pink Line On The Metro

Otherwise known as "la ligne diagonale," the proposed Pink Line would cut through downtown up to Montreal's north-east end, going through several existing metro lines to do so. Plante is also making the Blue Line extension a priority.

300 Hybrid Buses On The Streets

By 2020, Plante wants to have 300 hybrid buses on the streets of Montreal. The STM dropped this initiative already, pushing back the date to 2025, but Plante wants the timeline moved up.

No Tax Hikes For The Metro

Despite all of these public transit additions, Plante says that taxes won't be raised to pay for all of the initiatives. According to Plante, Montrealers already pay enough in taxes.

Better Construction In Montreal

Everyone hates Montreal roadwork, mainly because of how, once a repair on a pothole is finished, it’s only a matter of time before the road is damaged again. Plante wants to fix that by streamlining construction practices in Montreal and ensuring that, once a job is done, it’s done right the first time.

No Taxpayer Money For A Baseball Stadium

Whether or not Montreal will get a new baseball complex remains to be seen, but if it does happen, Plante promises it won’t come out of the pockets of Montrealers. Where the $500 million it will cost to build a stadium will come from remains to be seen.

More Room For Families

To ensure families have the space to live on the island of Montreal, Plante wants to impose a new policy on builders. If elected, Plante says she will make 20% of units in new condo construction projects have at least 3 bedrooms, so parents and children both have space.

No More Caleches

After the caleche-debate reignited over the summer, Plante called for an end to the “inhumane and unsafe industry” on Twitter.

More Transparency From City Hall

Plante promises to make city spending more visible to the public, and will start with Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations. If elected, Plante says she will let everyone see exactly how the city spent $125 million for the anniversary celebrations.

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