All The Snow In Montreal Won't Be Cleared Until After New Year's Eve

In less than a week, Montreal has been hit with a major snowfall and an intense cold snap. 

While the cold probably isn’t going anywhere for a while, the snow is something that can be dealt with. Just don’t expect all the roads and sidewalks to be cleared until January 1st. 

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City of Montreal spokesperson Philippe Sabourin has said that, by Monday (aka New Year’s Day), the 25cm of snow that just fell fell over Montreal will be removed from roads and sidewalks. 

As of yesterday, around 15% of the snow across the Montreal has been cleared, reports CBC. Obviously, the city’s snow-removal team has a ways to go. 

Major roadways, bus lanes, particularly small streets, and entrances to hospitals will be the main focus of snow clearing, taking priority over other roadways or residential sidewalks. 

But one obstacle is consistently a thorn in the side of the city’s snow-removal operations: the parked cars of Montrealers. 

In 2016, 43,000 cars were towed during snow removal operations in Montreal. 46,000 was the total amount of cars towed in 2016, so the issue of parked cars during a snow cleanup is fairly clear. 

And keeping your car in the path of snow clearing vehicles will actually slow things down. According to Sabourin, the towing of a car “slows down operations by an average of 10 minutes.”

To make sure you don’t get towed, always consult street signage. You can use the city’s Info-Neige app, but if the information provided by the app conflicts with what’s on a street sign, go with the latter, because, says Sabourin, street signs trump apps. 

Oh, and if you see sand on sidewalks don’t be surprised. The intensely cold temperatures being experienced right now means that salt doesn’t do anything, so sand has to be applied to streets and sidewalks.