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All The Times Justin Trudeau Has Cried Since Taking Office

Is Trump's bullying getting to the Prime Minister?
All The Times Justin Trudeau Has Cried Since Taking Office

The Canadian prime minister is a notorious softy. It's honestly refreshing for a head of government to buck the expectations of traditional models of masculine leadership and give us insight into his emotional life.

His willingness to display his emotions is an especially welcome alternative to the vitriolic bluster of his counterpart to the south. 

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In fact, Trump's bullying has been the cause of many tears since he announced his candidacy for president in 2015. The president engages in verbal attacks indiscriminately. Not even Justin Trudeau is exempt.

After the G7 in Charlevoix, QC, Trump called Trudeau "weak," "meek," and "mild." While the U.S. Economic Advisor told news outlets that there is "a special place in hell" reserved for the Canadian prime minister.

With so much hatred directed toward Trudeau, one can't help but wonder just how much the soft-hearted PM has been affected.

In the meantime, let's reflect upon all the times he has shed tears since he took office since 2015:


July 2016 – Trudeau visits Auschwitz

The prime minister's visit to the death camp was understandably moving. The raw emotion and horror that visitors experience at the camp can be overwhelming.

Via France 24 English

February 2016 – Funeral for victims of mosque shooting

At a funeral for three victims of a far-right shooter in Québec City, the PM shed tears while calling for national unity.


December 2016 – Trudeau reunites with Syrian refugees

The PM famously greeted Syrian refugees as they arrived in Canada in 2015. One year later, he met some of the refugees that had resettled in Toronto and couldn't help but show his emotion.

Via Global News

October 2017 – the death of Gord Downie

Trudeau cried while delivering a eulogy for the famous Canadian and frontman for the rock band "The Tragically Hip."

Via Global News

November 2017 – Trudeau apologizes for Residential Schools 

Some of Canada's worst human rights abuses against indigenous people took place in the Residential Schools. Teary-eyed, Trudeau admitted that his apology is not enough.

Via Global News

November 2017 – Trudeau apologizes to LGBTQ2S people

Trudeau formally apologized for the Canadian government's discrimination against queer people during the Cold War. The prime minister needed tissues to finish his speech in parliament.

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