All The Ways Tim Hortons Changed Canada Forever

They even added a new word to the dictionary.
All The Ways Tim Hortons Changed Canada Forever

Tim Hortons is practically synonymous with Canadian identity. 

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TL;DR Tim Hortons is an iconic Canadian company. Here are 7 ways it changed the country forever!

Despite the changes that the company has gone through over the past 5 years, there is no denying that Timmies holds a very dear place in the hearts of all Canadians.

After all, they are the largest fast-food chain in all of Canada. So – no matter if you're rich or poor, all Canadians have been to Tim Hortons. 

That said, here are just some of the ways that Tim Horton's has changed Canada and Canadians forever. 

1. Tim Horton's put a new word into The Canadian Oxford dictionary

Canadians don't ask for two sugars and two creams with their coffee. Never!

Canadians ask for a "double double." This saying became so ubiquitous in Canada that the Canadian Oxford dictionary was amended to include the phrase "double-double" the way two-cream, two-sugar coffee is ordered at Tim Hortons.

2. Tim Horton's gave Canada the Iced Capp

Before Starbucks entered the Canadian market and everyone went venti crazy, all we had was our version of frappucino, the original Tim Horton's Iced Capp.

Some consider the iced capp one of Tim Horton's most iconic and signature beverages, after hot coffee, of course. No matter how much we love frappuccinos, an iced capp will always have a place in every Canadian's heart.

3. Tim's put Canadian business on the map

Tim Hortons proudly represents Canada all over the world with 4,748 restaurants open in over 10 different countries.

From the Philippines to Oman, people everywhere can enjoy a little piece of Canadian pride and culture. That's pretty awesome. Ultimately, Tim Hortons is the second largest coffee chain in the world, second only to Starbucks. That should make any Canadian proud.

4. Tim Horton's helped define our national identity

What does it mean to be Canadian? It's a slippery question. We are a nation of immigrants and typical "Canadianess" is often depicted through cartoonish stereotypes of maple-syrup-loving and tuque-wearing people.

Tim Hortons as a brandcarved an identity for Canadians. Regardless of where you're originally from, Canadians are about the simple things: family, being friendly and giving to your neighbours, community, and of course – hockey.

5. Tim Hortons is a socially-driven business that helps Canadians in need

An integral component of the Tim Horton's brand is altruism. That is: selflessly giving and contributing to your community.

Unlike some companiesthat cheaply use charity and social awareness as a way to boost profits, Tim Hortons actually practices what they preach. The Tim Hortons Children Foundation and many of the ongoing charity projects such as the Smile Cookie initiative are just some of the many ways Tim Hortons takes corporate responsibility and gives back to the communities.

6. Most importantly Tim Hortons gave us the bite-sized donut

The Timbit is probably the second most iconic food from Tim Horton's – after the Iced Capp – and is certainly an integral part of our Canadian food repertoire. No other donut shop in Canada makes bite-sized donuts. It's really pure genius.

7. Tim Hortons gave us the edible soup bowl –(honorable mention)

@hyeojinkimembedded via

It's not pictured here because sadly the edible soup bowls have been discontinued! I'm not the only Canadian who wishes Timmies would bring back the edible bowls.

Last year, a loyal Tim Hortons customer in Hamilton Ontario sued Tim Horton's for discontinuing the edible bread bowls. Now that some serious dedication and love for Tim Horton's!

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