Alleged Drunk Caleche Spotted Going Wrong Way On One-Way Street

Now that the weather is starting to cool off and tourist season is winding down, the topic of caleches in Montreal's Old Port seems to have disappeared from most people's minds. But this incident is the perfect example of why it's still an issue.

The Anti-Caleche Defense Coalition posted a video the other day of a caleche driver, who they claim "seems drunk as usual," driving his carriage onto the square and then hanging a left onto Rue Calliere, which is a one-way street...going the opposite way. Apparently this happens daily and is a serious problem that the cops aren't addressing. Luckily there weren't any cars coming or else this could have caused some serious problems.

Check out the video for yourself:

Loose shoe and wrong direction

Français suitCharlie, dirty horse with loose shoe since last summer. @Denis Coderre His owner, Robert Betty, seems drunk as usual and drives the carriage onto the square, then turns into a one way street driving in the wrong direction. This happens daily...where are the cops?caleche #10. PLEASE SHARE!************************************************************************************Charlie, sale et avec un fer à cheval mal fixé. @DenisCoderre, Comme d’habitude, son proprio, Robert Betty, apparaît ivre et conduit sa calèche directement sur la Place D’Armes pour ensuite tourner sur une rue sens unique et direction inverse. C’est au quotidian!!! Où est la police? Calèche No. 10. PARTAGER SVP

Anti-calèche defense coalition