Almost Every Single U.S. State Is Rooting For The Toronto Raptors To Win The NBA Finals

Americans just really really hate the Warriors.
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Almost Every Single U.S. State Is Rooting For The Toronto Raptors To Win The NBA Finals

The Toronto Raptors are headed to the NBA Finals — with quite an impressive backing. Not only does the team carry the support and enthusiasm of whole of Canada, but also that of the United States.

According to SFGate and BetOnline, a majority of the population in all but three American states are rooting for the Toronto team over the Golden State Warriors. The three obstinate states are California, Nevada, and Hawaii, which represent the core of the Oakland, California-based team's fan base. 

SFGate, a publication in San Francisco, explains these results as the product of widespread contempt for the Warriors, who have made the NBA finals for 5 consecutive years. So this outpouring of support has less to do with a sudden surge in the Raptors' popularity.

BetOnline used data from trending Twitter topics to compile this map.

You can read the article from SFGate here and explore BetOnline here!

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Canadians, meanwhile, are preparing for the showdown between the Raptors and Warriors. Several cities in Ontario are hosting "Jurassic Park" viewing parties. The Raptors' entry into the NBA finals is particularly exciting considering the Maple Leafs disappointing performance this season.

Canadians are itching for a victory. This will be the first time in franchise history that the Raptors enter the finals,according to Narcity. The team's success was so unexpected that Toronto has had to reschedule other events to accomodate the playoff games.

If the Raptors are victorious, Canadians should expect some pretty huge parties to take to the streets. It could get messy.

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Stay tuned for updates on the NBA Finals. Read more about the BetOnline report here! For more news about the Raptors and Drake, their biggest fan, follow Narcity Canada here!

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