The New Escape Game In Montreal's West Island You Need To Try Right Now

See if you’ve got what it takes.
The New Escape Game In Montreal's West Island You Need To Try Right Now

Escape games have taken the world by storm, and it’s no wonder – the combination of high-stakes scenarios, tactical thinking, and racing against the clock appeals to everybody, from all-out adrenaline junkies to lifelong gamers.

This summer, grab some friends and prove your skills at the brand-new branch of A/Maze, Montreal’s premier escape game company that combines innovative technology with incredibly immersive hands-on gameplay.

Having already made waves with their downtown location, A/Maze is finally bringing a fresh new batch of adventures and puzzles to Pointe-Claire on the West Island, to test your teamwork and keep you on your toes.

Three new scenarios - Museum Robbery, Pirate Ship and Circus – pit you against a deadline in a race to get out of the room using only the clues and objects provided. Each has a unique storyline, but all take place in the same universe, requiring players to find the missing elements of the A/Maze Artifact and get out of the room before the countdown ends.

Those good enough to beat all three rooms can present their finds to the game master and receive a prize for their efforts, although don't expect it to be easy - there's only 45 minutes in which to crack the codes and claim your reward.

These kinds of escape games first became popular online back in the day, and A/Maze is bringing that classic format into the 21st century with new technology and custom-made environments. A team of game specialists have worked on making the storylines as fun and demanding, as they are intriguing, so you will definitely need your A-game if you ever hope to rise to the challenge.

In Museum Robbery, you and your crew have to find a famous artists’ work and unlock the mystery of her life-changing stay in Argentina. The Pirate Ship scenario has you searching for a notorious pirate’s lost medallion, while Circus drops you into the middle of a mystery involving murderous clowns and a fiercely coveted family heirloom.

Having to make quick-fire decisions and think strategically requires good communication and cooperative leadership, making A/Maze a perfect choice for a group of friends, or unique corporate team-building events.

As well as their brain-busting team simulations, A/Maze will also soon be launching the ‘Houdini Experience’; a single-player game where the aim is to get yourself out of an interactive cage in just five minutes flat. See if you can match up to the Great Houdini and escape, by literally thinking outside the box with a mix of logic, quick reactions and first-rate problem-solving skills.

Over 40,000 people have already visited A/Maze in Montreal, so make sure to be one of the first to check out their new space in the West Island. Their approach to real-life gaming is so nail-bitingly engaging that you’ll forget all about the world outside the room - even while you’re trying to escape it.

Visit A/Maze at the CF Fairview Pointe Claire shopping centre or make a reservation through their website, and don't forget to follow them on Facebook for all the latest news.