Amazon Delivery Drivers Keep Ditching My Packages Outside And Other Canadians Are Outraged That It Has Happened To Them Too

Has this ever happened to you?
Amazon Delivery Drivers Keep Ditching My Packages Outside And Other Canadians Are Outraged That It Has Happened To Them Too

It all began this weekend when I opened the door of my house to a busy downtown Montreal street to find an package sitting on my bottom step. For anyone else who has randomly found one of these packages at their doorstep, you probably have some questions running through your mind. When did it get dropped off? Has anyone moved it or looked at my information? Why didn't the delivery driver knock on my door? Have I recieved other packages that have been stolen? The list goes on.

I thought it was just an odd circumstance, albeit this has happened to me before, but I didn't concern myself too much about it. That was until one of my neighbours approached me asking if I had found my package, as the Amazon driver basically chucked my package at my door and hastily drove off.

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TL;DR After discovering that Amazon drivers have intentionally left my packages unattended outside, I searched Twitter to see if others had experienced the same situation. Read more Tweets below.

No attempt to ring my doorbell, no concern as to whether the package would be found or not. This is when I began to worry, as that means Amazon drivers have been ditching my packages without my knowledge.

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I wanted to make sure I wasn't the only person out there dealing with this. It turns out, I'm not. In fact, this kind of delivery practice has been going on for awhile. The proof is in all of the angry and frustrated Tweets made by people who have had their packages ditched, as well:

From now on I’m doing things the way @amazon does things .... totally ignoring what customers want ... “delivery attempted” wo driver getting out of the delivery vehicle ... everything in that order has been cxd & I will inconvenience the F out of myself to get stuff elsewhere

February 25, 2019

@amazon so, the prime delivery driver decided he wasn't delivering my small package to my door, like every other driver has. Instead, he left it in my mailbox AND drove over my driveway light, shattering it. #disappointed

February 23, 2019

@amazonca look how bad delivery job you guys did already! Your driver left my package in front of the building and the package is not there anymore... and guess what... was not me that grab the package and no one that I know!!! Shit of service, Amazon!!

February 23, 2019

#Amazon Bought $500 AV reciever, which got ‘delivered’ to somebody else 1 hour ago; and Amazon records say it was delivered directly to me. I didn’t sign for it, and I didn’t get it. Discovered that ‘contract driver’ did the delivery, not UPS. BEWARE!

February 22, 2019

It's not just Amazon, either. It turns out that UPS drivers are also being held accountable by disgruntled customers.

@UPS_Canada Was just notified by amazon that a delivery attempt was made. I have been home the entire day and did not receive a call or a buzzer ring when the driver arrived. Is there any way the driver can come back and give me some sort of notification he arrived at my building

October 22, 2018

Whatever my delivery driver is paid it’s far too much. He’s left $1500 electronics that were sig required in my driveway. @UPS couldn’t care less. Money is all they care about. Customer service died about 10 years ago.

February 20, 2019

@amazon@UPS How do I give UPS driver feedback on an Amazon delivery? I just got a "sorry we missed you" notification when I was home the entire time. The driver did not try our doorbell.

February 8, 2019

On the other hand, some people are wishing Amazon would just hire an actual postal service to deliver packages:

@amazon@AmazonHelp You guys have some of the worst delivery drivers, you need to not go around hiring random people and go through @UPS@FedEx or any other professional delivery service. The fact that a driver pretty much ding dong ditched my house and I had to chase them

February 10, 2019

Thanks for going above and beyond @UPS and @FedEx ... this is the service we get from @amazon delivery drivers. I even saw one driver slipping a few through the courtyard gates of our condominium. Come on @amazon Might make me reconsider shopping at the #Mall again.

January 17, 2019

Most people just want the ditching of packages to come to an end.

Like, seriously what the hell @amazon ? Train your drivers to do their damn jobs...

January 30, 2019

Thank you @ring because without you we wouldn’t have been able to see the @amazon delivery driver who sent his kids to the door to deliver our package, only to dump it on the steps despite us asking to leave in the bin. When we come home the reindeers are down too!

December 29, 2018

Seriously @amazon ...when did it become cool for your delivery folks to dump packages in the middle of my driveway?

December 17, 2018

We can all agree that all we want is for Amazon to just ring our doorbell when they arrive with a package. Has this ever happened to you before? Let us know about your experience with Amazon delivery drivers!

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