Amazon Is Launching A New Live TV Streaming Service In Canada

Canadian Prime Video subscribers rejoice!
Amazon Is Launching A New Live TV Streaming Service In Canada

If you like watching T.V. you're in luck because Amazon Prime Video is launching its cable-like streaming service, Prime Video Channels, in Canada. 

Canadian consumers will soon have many more options for streaming video! The new service will be available to all Prime Video subscribers, giving them the ability to purchase from 13 different channels of live and on-demand television. There's no confirmed launch date but Canadians should expect it soon. 

So far, the Canadian selection is admittedly a little sparse as Amazon hasn't partnered with any major Canadian broadcasters yet. There will, unfortunately, be no sports or new channels on the new service. 

According to Greg Hart, vice president of Amazon Prime Video, getting a wide range of content in Canada has proven to be a little more complicated than in the United States with their 150 channels. Amazon executives hope to partner with more broadcasters as the service gains steam in Canada.

To access the new service, Canadians must pay an extra $3.99 per month on their existing Prime subscription. Amazon's new service won't be the priciest one in Canada, however. StackTV in Canada offers more channels but comes at a hefty $12.99 per month. 

According to the CBC, Canadian broadcasters are worried that American streaming services will begin to dominate the Canadian television landscape and undermine the delicate industry.

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Amazon executives insist that they don't want to take over the Canadian television landscape and that they hope to work with various Canadian broadcasters in order to provide the best television experience to Canadians. 

Canadians should be excited about this new development because even though the selection might not be so good at first, Amazon always delivers on bringing excellent content.

Amazon's current Canadian selection will include channels such as Shudder, a horror-centric on-demand channel, Sundance Now, an indie movie channel, and OutTV, an LGBTQ-centric lifestyle channel. More will be announced in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more information on Amazon's newest cable TV streaming service! 

To read more about Prime Video Channels, please read David Friend's article on the CBC.

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