Chooses Montreal For Its New Data Centres In Canada

Silicon Valley < Poutine Valley. Chooses Montreal For Its New Data Centres In Canada

Montreal is experiencing a bit of a renewal lately.

Growing up in Montreal, whenever I heard the name of a big company in the news, it was because that company was closing shop and moving away from the city due to language law issues or the high tax rates.

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But lately, we've been hearing the opposite. Montreal was officially named the #1 Smart city in the world earlier this year and it seems like businesses are taking notice.

We have several reputable academic institutions, we produce more university/higher education graduates than any other city in Canada, we have a thriving startup scene, and we have a ton of "accelerator programs" that are set up for small businesses.

The most recent company to choose Montreal is none other than Amazon. The internet retailer has opened up several data centers in Montreal. And their main reason for choosing our city was because of the cost and availability of hydro-electric power.

Google also just recently opened a new Artificial Intelligence center here.

If the trend continues, this could be start of something big. Because when other big companies see that Amazon and Google are choosing Montreal, they might decided to do the same.

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