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American Apparel Is Back In Canada With More Inclusive Sizes But Some Customers Are Not Happy With The New Clothes

Some people are not happy about the changes.
American Apparel Is Back In Canada With More Inclusive Sizes But Some Customers Are Not Happy With The New Clothes

In case you missed it, American Apparel managed to survive its scandalous closing by thanks to Canadian clothing manufacturer Gildan. As a part of the re-launch, Gildan has focused on inclusivity and corporate social responsibility as the touchstones of the revamped brand.

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TL;DR American Apparel is back with a fully-stocked online store that features a wide range of sizes. Customers, however, have mixed thoughts.

Even so, they've managed to maintain the sexy edge of their clothing staples while also providing a wide range of sizes, unlike the original American Apparel that provided a very small size range, much to the frustration of customers.

For a long time, people were super bummed that the store had closed. Many shoppers were at a loss trying to find another source for simple clothing basics. 

I legit miss American Apparel 😢

November 8, 2018

What I miss most about American Apparel is emergency-buying a new hat because it’s cold

October 18, 2018

There are even a handful of people that don't realize that American Apparel  is even back as a new online store.

i miss american apparel :/

December 6, 2018

And those that do know about the comeback are pretty pleased with the changes, for the most part.

I'm so glad American Apparel is back (and better than ever, not under misogynistic or homophobic direction! 🖒)

December 5, 2018

It seems like the clothing company really thought long and hard about what their customers really wanted.

i hope when american apparel proper comes back they can humble themselves a bit with their prices

October 19, 2018

They have, in fact, made a strong effort to decrease the price points where they could (while staying ethical in the wages of their workers); they've worked hard to maintain the ethical nature of their production process; they've eliminated the creep factor both in model age and photo style; and they're striving to be as inclusive as possible, both in their sizing and again with the models that they choose to feature  on the website. 

With that said, it seems that American Apparel has failed to inform customers that their size may be different than the last time they shopped. The new site informs shoppers what size the models are wearing in the photos, but doesn't compare these new sizes to the previous sizes. 

A lot of online shoppers are return customers of the brand. So when they head to the online store to purchase some of their old favourites, they're disappointed to find they've purchased the wrong size. And, because the store is only online, customers now have to deal with returning items via shipping. It's definitely an unwanted hassle.

Hey, @americanapparel what happened to your sizing? Bottom is new Large, top is old Large. Can you help me with return+cross-ship, please?

December 7, 2018

um ok i bought this american apparel skirt in size s and it is way bigger than my other skirt in the same model

December 7, 2018

While this is definitely an oversight on the company or website's part, it's still great news to know they're back and truly better than ever.

Despite the above cases of sizing miscommunication, most people are beyond pleased with AA's new direction.

“There is no singular version of the human experience and no singular definition of ‘neutral.' "American Apparel takes a step forward in diversity in more ways than one.

September 30, 2018

Both for their inclusivity, and for their continued dedication to high ethical standards.

.@USAIDEastAfrica @InvestEAfrica hub helps #Madagascar apparel companies to improve efficiency and institutionalize best practices and standards that American apparel companies require #USAIDtransforms #selfreliance #trade #AGOA

November 30, 2018

Hopefully American Apparel can provide a before and after sizing chart on their website in the near future. In the meantime, we can continue to appreciate a Canadian company taking their corporate social responsibility seriously, while still providing sexy staples to Canadians and fashionistas worldwide.

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