Americans Arrested For Pulling Down Their Pants At Religious Temple

Two American tourists have been finedfor exposing their rear ends in front of a Buddhist temple in Thailand.

The two men, Joseph and Travis Dasilva, were arrested late on Tuesday at an airport in the country's capital, Bangkok.

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After taking the picture in front of Bangkok's Temple of the Dawn, they posted it on their Instagram account "traveling-butts", which is dedicated to such selfies taken all around the world.

As a result, they were fined the equivalent of $154

The account had attracted more than 14,000 followers till Wednesday, when it was closed down.

The two are also being fined for a similar picture taken at another Bangkok temple.

They were held at an immigration center, while police considered prosecuting them for computer crime, in addition to the charges of indecency and public nudity.

Although Thailand is reputed for its racy night life, it is a conservative Buddhist country. Revealing clothing is frowned on, and public nudity is considered offensive.

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