Americans Somehow Ranked More Polite Travellers Than Canadians

Canadians, of course, have a reputation for being polite. Though that stereotype is largely unfounded, it does have its advantages. Tourists from Canada are well-received in countries around the world. That might be why so many Americans pretend to be Canadian nationals when vacationing to locales frequented by pestering American tourists.

A new study by Expedia, however, casts doubt on those assumptions. According to its recently-released 2019 Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study, American travellers, in fact, generally have better manners than their Canadian counterparts.

"It might come as a surprise, but Americans are some of the kindest and most considerate travelers in the world — often surpassing even our quintessentially "nice" Canadian neighbors. In fact, Americans ranked above the global average in terms of performing courtesies or acts of kindness for fellow travelers," a press release reads.

Here are some examples, according to the study:

  • "Americans (42%) are the most willing to change their seats (vs. 33% of Canadians) so another party can sit together."

  • "Nearly half of Americans expressed they've helped someone lift their luggage into the overhead compartment (48% vs. 41% globally), and 41% believe you should almost always step in to help another passenger struggling with a heavy bag."

  • "21% of Americans have helped entertain other travelers' children compared to only 14% of Canadians."

In addition, "while being confined to an airplane seat can bring out the worst in some people, American travelers do their best to not be a nuisance and prefer to keep to themselves." People from the United States are "among the least likely to start a fight or be confrontational towards another passenger or the flight crew."

American kindness also extends to their stays in vacation rentals. A vast majority of Americans agree, for example, that actions such as  "going through the host's personal items" and "peeing in the pool" are "off limits."

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In one area, at least, it seems Americans have Canadians beat. To read the whole Expedia report, refer to its website here! Canadian travellers are going to have to work on their manners.