America's "Most Wanted Criminal" Found In Montreal

From Michigan to Montreal.
America's "Most Wanted Criminal" Found In Montreal

One of the most wanted criminals in the United States was caught in Montreal, by bike cops, no less. 

Katay-Khaophone Sychanta, who was listed on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's list of 10 most wanted criminals, was apprehended last week in Montreal's Saint-Laurent borough. 

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Sychanta and another man were walking near the Bois-Franc train station on August 23rd when two Montreal bike officers suspected the two of carrying drugs, reports CBC. 

When the two officers approached Sychanta, the suspect fled on foot, causing a short-lived chase that ended with Sychanta being apprehended. 

Apparently Synchanta then tried to fool the Montreal police by providing a phoney American ID.  You can't lie about your fingerprints, though, which is how the Montreal police identified the suspect. 

Appearing before a Montreal courthouse last week, Synchanta was charged with drug possession, misleading an officer, and for carrying fake ID, reports The Gazette

Synchanta won't stay in Montreal long, however, as the suspect will probably be given over to the Ontario Provincial Police and possible even U.S authorities. 

Synchanta has been a wanted man in America for years, originally indicted for "Conspiracy to Distribute a Controlled Substance" in Michigan, says the suspects wanted poster on the ICE website. 

Synchanta evaded arrest and has since been linked to drug operations centered in Windsor, Ontario. 

What Synchanta, one of America's most wanted criminals, was doing in Montreal, exactly, remains to be seen. But given Synchata's past, it probably wasn't anything wholesome. 

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