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Amy Schumer Made A Surprise Visit To Montreal Today

She's about to perform a "secret" show!
Amy Schumer Made A Surprise Visit To Montreal Today

We've had a lot of celebrities visiting the city this Summer. Maybe it's something to do with how amazing Montreal is, or maybe it's luck. What we do know is no one is really complaining about seeing movie stars like Jennifer Aniston walking around Old Port.

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Usually we know a few months ahead when someone special will be visiting. If a movie is going to be filmed on our steets then word gets out pretty quickly of who's coming and when. It doesn't really leave room for many surprises.

That's why it's a pretty big shock to hear that Amy Schumer is in Montreal as we speak. Yup, she just decided to surpise us Montrealers and have a visit!

Via Amy Schumer

But really, she just decided SUPER last minute to do a couple surprise shows at the Just For Laughs Festival that's been going on this week. Talk about unexpected! Keep an eye out around the city today and you might actually see her enjoying her short time in Montreal.

Schumer performed a show late last night at the Maison Théâtre, but not to worry. If you're interested in spotting her before she leaves the city you can go to her show tonight at 7PM in the Gesù Theatre.

She's only in Montreal for a short time since her own tour kicks off on August 1, but that's all the more reason for her to get out and experience our amazing city!

You can book tickets for Amy Schumer's Just For Laughs show this evening HERE.

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