An Alarm Clock That Will Wake You Up With A Fresh Cup Of Coffee Every Morning

All alarm clocks are inherently awful. No matter how "soothing" the alarm's sound, the noise is still tearing you away from the pleasures of dreamland and throwing you into the harsh waking world. One alarm clock, Josh Renouf's "Barisieur," makes the waking process a little easier with a new kind of alarm clock that may be the best way to wake up. This is an alarm clock-coffee maker combo, that starts your morning off with a cup of java as soon as you rise.

Simple, but effective, Renouf's Barisieur is a nearly silent coffee maker (water is heated and brewed into coffee via induction heating) combined with a simple alarm clock, one that starts the coffee brewing process when it's time for you to wake up. Every second of the morning without caffeine is a struggle in itself, but the Barisieur gets you your brew quite literally as soon as you open your eyes.

Renouf, an industrial designer based in the U.K., is confident his machine not only helps people get up, but it will also help you fall asleep too. To ready the Bariseur, all you need to do is fill it with coffee and water the night before, which then provides a type of security blanket for you, because falling asleep is much easier when you know you'll have some comforting coffee waiting for you by your bedside.

The Bariseur isn't on the market yet, but Renouf's website states it will be on the market eventually. You can fill out a form online to get any updates on the Bariseur's availability, but know that the estimated market price is already set at $250-$400, which really ain't cheap. Still, for an alarm clock that makes you coffee, we'd be willing to pay a pretty penny.

Head over to the Barisieur's online listing for more info, and check out the photos below for some visuals on the coffee maker-alarm clock combo.

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