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An All New 100% Organic Juice Bar Is Opening Downtown Montreal This Week

A legit delicious juice bar is finally here.
An All New 100% Organic Juice Bar Is Opening Downtown Montreal This Week

Living in Montreal, it can feel like we are always super busy, especially as we head into summer. Juggling work, school, parties, picnics, friends and family can be tough, so it’s no wonder that we don't prioritize taking care of ourselves.

We race out of the house, skip breakfast or lunch, cram in as much as we can it one day. And by the end of a long day, all we really want to do is spend some quality time with Netflix.

But what if there was a way to keep healthy and not waste a bazillion years in the kitchen every morning? Well, look no further, because the most legit juice bar is opening up in downtown Montreal this week! If you work or study near McGill, you are in the prime location to experience the awesomeness that is Just Pressed juice.

via @justpressedmtl

Now, you might be thinking that you’ve tried cold pressed juiceand you didn't think it had any super powers. But we're here to tell you that Just Pressed juice is different to anything you've every tried. Why? Because it’s amazingly fresh, packed with superfoods, completely organic and 100% animal and cruelty-free, and finally, they don't pasteurize their juices which is why you'll never find their juice in plastic bottles unlike other juice companies!

Just Pressed do not take shortcuts: not only do they use super-fresh fruit and veggies, but they even make a heap of their ingredients in-house. And unlike some other unnamed "juice" companies, they do not use powder in any of their products. They're the real deal.

IYDK, using fresh veggies does amazing things for your body. It's like a day spa for your insides. Your heart, eyes, and skin will thank you for having something so revitalizing. And as a bonus, if you’re hiding a post-winter bod, then this juice will do the trick to help you lose a little weight, too.

When we say Just Pressed makes their juices and smoothies fresh, we're not being cute. Even their almond mylk is made in house. Can you get fresher than that? No, you can not. Once you pack in delicious superfoods like spinach, avocado, hemp seeds, chia seeds and ceylon cinnamon, you are set like a rocket for the day. And unlike the healthy juices your Aunt made when you were a kid, these recipes are actually totally delish! Not to mention they also have delicious Acai bowls too!

via @justpressedmtl

If you like a little guilty snack in the afternoon (*everybody raises their hands*), then you will love love love their chocolate smoothie which is actually healthy and tastes delicious too. It’s bursting with antioxidants because it uses raw cacao powder, dates, vanilla beans and the aforementioned amazingly fresh almond mylk. It’s the get-me-through-the-afternoon snack without the guilt.

The team at Just Pressed have also totally got your back on the food front, too - their acai bowls have granola that is made in house! They are a must try!

If you are keen to get in on the goodness, get this... Just Pressed will be offering online 3-day juice cleanses starting July 21. This means that you can order your juice online and get it delivered right to your door. As if the timing isn’t any more perfect with summer officially here!

via @justpressedmtl

The next time your tummy is rumbling, jazz up your day by swinging by Just Pressed and savour one of their amazing healthy juices or smoothies. Put the rest of the world on pause for a minute and just enjoy something that is raw, fresh and completely natural. 

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