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An All-New Anti-Germ Coat Montrealers Should Wear While On The Metro & Bus

Photo cred - Khoa Tran

The cold is officially here, and it's only going to get worse. Dealing with the weather is one thing, as you can just throw on a coat and extra layers. Dealing with the intense rise of germs and cases of sickness that comes with the cold, is another matter entirely.

Runny noses, dry coughs, and all the other gross attributes of flu season are ever present during the winter, and it is definitely the worst on the bus or metro. Crammed full of random people who are afflicted with God knows what sickness, the bus/metro is a veritable cesspool of germs that you really can't escape, because you don't have a car and need to get where you're going. There's no escaping the germs of public transit, though you wouldn't need to worry if you were wearing a Germinator Transit Jacket.

Created by the San Francisco office ofgravitytank, the Germinator Transit Jacket is a coat specifically designed to combat and defend against the plethora of bacteria you encounter when riding the STM network.

Outfitted with several features to impede the access of germs to your system, the Germinator is the most functional piece of winter fashion you could ever own. Here's how it keeps you healthy:

  • Raised collar with an antimicrobial lining, to protect against random coughing attacks and smells from other commuters
  • Cuffs that fold out so you never need to touch a pole with your bare hand. Someone could have stink-palmed it for fun.
  • A removable hood, to let you rest your head against any surface
  • Special sleeve pocket for your metro/bus pass, which doesn't fight against germs but is super convenient.

Not exactly cheap, the Germinator will cost you $223.20, if you nab it while the 10% is offered, though that's a reasonable price to pay for not being sick. Pair the jacket up with an anti-germ scarf and you'll be all set for flu season in Montreal.

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