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An All-New App That Lets You Cuddle With Complete Strangers

For when you are lonely.
An All-New App That Lets You Cuddle With Complete Strangers

Photo cred - Chris M

Ever just want to cuddle, with no strings attached, not needing to commit to a movie, drinks, or getting naked? That's what the strange yet enticing smartphone app Cuddlr provides, no-nonsense cuddling, just with complete strangers.

Think of Cuddlr like Tinder or Grindr, just solely for cuddling, and not sex, as the founder stresses. Using your location, Cuddlr brings up a name and picture of those around you who also want to spoon. If you both approve the other, then you can send each other messages and even get directions to where the other cuddler is, so you can get your cuddle on together.

Sounds strange, and for good reason, as cuddling kind of has the connotation that it will prelude (or be the epilogue to) a romp in the sack. Age also isn't a factor when Cuddlr pairs people up, because apparently cuddling isn't age specific, though I don't think any 20-year old is going to be into nuzzling up to a 60-year old rando. Or maybe they will, a cuddle is a cuddle at the end of the day.

Like nearly everything on the internet, you can even rate the cuddle-performance of your partner. Were they enchantingly scented and just the right amount of firm yet comfy? Or were they post-gym smelly and bulging with weird bones and muscle? Cuddle, assess, rate, and move on to the next cuddle.

We know cuddling is technically platonic, and doesn't involve anything sexually explicit, though we can't help but think about all the creepers on this app who will be looking to "cuddle." If you hear a strange "zip" noise behind you when you're little spoon, don't say we didn't warn you. Check out the trailer below.

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