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An All-New App That Transforms Montreal Into A City-Wide Scavenger Hunt With Friends

Ingress takes it to the streets, literally.
An All-New App That Transforms Montreal Into A City-Wide Scavenger Hunt With Friends

Photo cred - Paul Eifert

Montreal, and every city in the world, has been made a literal playing field thanks to the Smartphone app/game Ingress. Specific to Montreal, however, is the special Ingress event happening in the city this weekend, which will have players running all over the city in real-time.

To everyone who doesn't know about Ingress (which has apparently become a lifestyle in itself) the game is all about acquiring specific spots (dubbed "portals") for your team (the enlightened or the resistance) in any given city. Using your location, the app transforms a city-map into a playing field.

In Montreal, landmarks like city parks, statues, and buildings become portals for people to claim. One has to physically be at the to spot to acquire the portal, making the game an interesting mix between real and virtual, with an element of exercise unseen in most smartphone games.

On Saturday, a special Ingress event is being held, starting at 1pm at Direction Espace Pour La Vie and will end at Sir Winston Churchill Pub at 5pm. The in-between time will likely have players running about the city, as Montrealers seek to gain landmarks/portals for their respective teams.

Recreate Monreal into a city-exploration game with Ingress. You might just learn more about the city as you meander around looking for portals. Get in on Google Play right here. Sorry iPhone peeps, there isn't an iOS version yet.

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