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An All-New Montreal Dating App

It's almost too easy.
An All-New Montreal Dating App

We've all been out somewhere and seen someone who caught our eye. We then briefly consider striking up conversation with that person to see where it leads, only to wait too long and watch the metro doors close behind them, leaving you wondering what could've been. I mean that's probably why we're so fascinated with Missed Connections. It's those unexpected moments in our daily lives when attraction strikes out of nowhere that feel the most natural and organic.

The truth is, nothing beats immediate face-to-face contact when it comes to figuring out if you have chemistry with someone, or not. That's the idea behind a new dating app called Cerka, that's connecting us directly to the hot Montrealers we come across everyday on the bus, at the grocery store, or wherever else we find ourselves.

Cerka speeds up the process of meeting new people by cutting through the bullshit.No made-up profiles and messages to sift through, you literally just have to be nearby. Hit the radar button to start a search for other users within a 60-foot radius. That's it. You then you have 10 minutes to chat before the connection is lost, and you either have to make a move, or move the f*ck on. Cerka will even tell you how to approach your match by providing you two personalized suggestions imputed by that person.

Cerka also doesn't require an internet connection to use, just Bluetooth, which means it's100% instantaneous and can be uses anywhere, anytime. What this also means, is you cannot create a fake account to hide behind, since everything happens in real time.

So if you're tired of swiping right on an arbitrary profile pic of someone on the other sideof the island, and with whom you might exchange a string of awkward messages that never result in you actually meeting them (or worse), you should give Cerka a download. At least with Cerka, you already know that the person is nearby, interested, and exactly how they want to be picked-up. It's almost too easy.

Check out Cerka's official website and Facebook Page for more info and to download the free app.