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An All-New Montreal Twitter Account That Lists Facts About The STM You Never Knew About

Trivia-tweets all about Montreal's public transit network,
An All-New Montreal Twitter Account That Lists Facts About The STM You Never Knew About

Photo cred - Matt Allouf

Montreal's transit system, and the company who runs it, the STM, have existed in Montreal since the late 1800's, in one form or another. Throughout the STM's 150+ history, many a special moment (and screw ups) have gone down, too many for any one person to remember and retell. Good thing a new Twitter account, Info Métro, is taking the initiative and telling folks all sorts of factoids about the STM.

As of yesterday, Info Métro has been, and will continue to, tweet about all-things STM. The account is unaffiliated with the STM, so this looks to be a passion project by one or more Montrealers. Delving back into Montreal's rich transit history the account has already let us know things like:

  • The logo of the MR-63 metro cars were designed by Jacques S. Guillon.
  • STM station Télécité displays were only installed in the early 90s.
  • In 2002, during the Grand Prix, the STM tested three new metro-seating arrangements (see the pic)
  • Catholic Cardinal Paul-Émile Léger visited Montreal during the inaguartion of the city's metro system on October 14th, 1966 (see the pic)

Anglophones won't have as much fun with this twitter account, as all the tweets (thus far) are in French, but that could potentially change. Browser translators are a thing nowadays though, and factoids don't really need the most precise of translations anyway.

— Info Métro (@infometromtl_fr) July 15, 2014

Only a few trivia-tweets have been sent out by Info Métro (again, they've only been around for a day) but if the account continues with the same frequency, you can expect to know a solid 2-4 new things about the STM everyday.

Get on that follow and head to Info Métro's twitter account here.

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