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An Amber Alert Was Used To Locate A Missing Girl Last Night, But Canadians Are Mad That The Alert Woke Them Up

Really guys?
An Amber Alert Was Used To Locate A Missing Girl Last Night, But Canadians Are Mad That The Alert Woke Them Up

Last night was witness to a tragic story in Brampton, Ontario, when a young girl was found dead in a duplex. The mother of the 11-year old girl alerted officials yesterday afternoon when the girl's father did not return her at the agreed-upon time.

An Amber Alert was sent out late last night in an attempt to locate the father. He was eventually found thanks to a tip, when a driver recognised his car from the Amber Alert. Police have arrested her father as a potential suspect.

Many people are reacting to this story emotionally, but some for a different reason than others. Many are taking to Reddit and Facebook to complain about how the Amber Alert disturbed them last night.

TL;DR People are complaining about having been woken up by an Amber Alert last night because the Internet is the worst.

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The couple had been separated for some time, and the father did not have full-time custody. The mother had agreed to let the father spend some time with the young girl on her birthday.

The father had previously made threats, menacing his former girlfriend and his young daughter.

The Amber Alert used to locate the father made many people angry. People are complaining that the alert woke them up. "I should be allowed to opt out, thank you," said one Reddit commenter. 

People took to Twitter to complain about the sound of the alarm.

As much as I am concerned about the child involved, how useful is it to wake me up for an #AmberAlert? If I’m asleep I clearly haven’t seen the child

This emergency thing needs to be re-evaluated

February 15, 2019

#AmberAlert cancelled... just like my sleep.

February 15, 2019

Another commenter on Facebook had this to say: "Glad she is found. But i really think they need to rethink waking people up with alert ready for amber alert. Because even if phone on silent mode the alert came in and woke people up... Don't wake me up thinking its a tornado , flood forest fire or nuke if it is amber alert."

Because a storm is more important than a missing child, I guess...

Others are complaining because they got the alert far from the location of the crime.

#amberalert im in manitoba and received this while trying to sleep why did i even receive it im half way across the country from there

February 15, 2019

However, the father was found hundreds of kilometers away from the crime scene. Police have to be thorough and methodical so that the murderer does not get away.

Our communications bureau is receiving numerous calls to 9-1-1, complaining about the late hour of the Amber Alert. As a direct result of someone receiving the alert, we were able to locate the suspect & his vehicle. The system works. Thank you to all those that called with tips.

February 15, 2019

Can we PLEASE try to have a little more compassion for each other? Thank you.

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