An App That Allows Any Montreal Stranger To Wake You Up In The Morning

Wakie is bringing the city together in the morning.
An App That Allows Any Montreal Stranger To Wake You Up In The Morning

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Unless you're one of those supernaturally empowered morning folk, waking up and tearing your head off a fluffy pillow is a herculean effort, one that often takes multiple tries and hits of the snooze button. Alarm clocks mean nothing in the groggy state of post-wake up, and you probably give zero spits if a friend or family member tries to call you to get up.

But what about if a stranger called you, one around your age, of the opposite sex, and therefore a potential bedmate? Would you pick up and instantly become sunny, chipper, and totally conscious, to make sure you don't look like a lazy scrub? Maybe, probably, and that's what the smartphone alarm-clock app Wakie is all about.

Available in Canada forAndroids and Windows Phone (iOS is in the works) app that gets you up and at 'em in the early morn, using a conversation with a stranger as incentive.

Sounds kind of strange ('cuz it is) but for non-creepy context, here's how Wakie works:

Once you've downloaded the app and submitted your number, Wakie puts you into the group of your choosing, Sleepyheads, those needing a wakeup call, and Wakies, the altruistic people calling those in dreamland.

Getting a call from a stranger in the morning, someone you've never talked to or know nothing about, is already a little shocking, and arguably enough to get you wide awake. Wakie takes it one step further though, and pairs Sleepyheads with Wakies of the opposite sex and around the same age.

So you're basically woken up to a blind date on the phone, a playfully stressful situation that would probably get you out of your morning funk, especially if you thought your Wakies' profile pic was cute.

Numbers are kept private, so don't worry about creepers. Calls are also limited to a minute long, so if the convo is awful, no stress, you're not stuck in a blab-a-thon and you're already awake.

As with seemingly everything nowadays, a rating system is in place on Wakie. Sleepyheads give a score to their Wakie after the call, calling them out as "so-so" or "cool."

Fellas who like fellas and ladies who like ladies get the short end of the stick on Wakie, as no same-sex calling option seems to be in place. The app still works the same though, just without the strange, and barely subtle, hook-up aspect.

Now available in Canada (along with the US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong) may be your answer to getting you fully awake in the morning. Download the app and get a call from a random Montrealer tomorrow morning, and see if it really works. Who knows, you may get a date out of it.

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