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An Arsonist Is On The Loose In Montreal

A fire this morning is unusually similar to one last year.
An Arsonist Is On The Loose In Montreal

Arson and firebombings are unusually frequent in Montreal. The city even has a map detailing all the sites in the city that have seen firebomb explosions. 

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Fortunately, the crimes rarely involve casualties and usually constitute warnings from organized crime gangs or simply angry patrons. But it's especially unnerving when there's no apparent motive at all.

That's the case today in Montreal North, where four cars in a parking lot were set ablaze in the early morning. No one was injured, but the cars are beyond hope for repair.

Police have yet to identify a suspect, but residue from lighter fluid prove this was no accident.

But while authorities have not disclosed a possible motive, the fire is similar to one that occured in the borough of St-Henri last year. That arson was the design of ant-gentrification groups in the neighbourhood.

As prices soar and condos rise in the South-West, poorer residents suddenly find themselves unable to live in their own homes. Some extremists took the matter into their own hands to scare away wealthier people coming into the area.

The Montreal North crime this morning is almost identitical in appearance, though any relation in motive is only speculation. The northern part of the island, historically the cheaper side of the city, has also seen prices creep up in recent years.

Stay tuned for updates.


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