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An "Arthur" Character Came Out As Gay And Got Married Last Night And Fans Are Losing It

Come through, Mr. Ratburn!!!!
An "Arthur" Character Came Out As Gay And Got Married Last Night And Fans Are Losing It

 If you were born in the 90s then the theme song to your life was likely the one and only Arthur theme song (scroll to the bottom of this article to listen, you know I included it for ya).

Believe it or not, Arthur is still on the air and actually premiered its 22nd season this week, and to much hype as well.

The reason people are so excited? Well, Mr. Ratburn finally got married, and it turns out the lovable homework-giving teacher is gay and fans on Twitter are living for it.

The clip above shows Arthur with his crew, Buster, Francine and Muffy at Mr. Ratburn's wedding. 

I absolutely LOVE Francine breaking the fourth wall to address homophobes everywhere, challenge them with what teachers should "never, ever do," and then troll them all with the punchline: Teachers should never, ever dance in public.

She ain't wrong.

People who grew up with the show are over the moon, for Mr. Ratburn but also for the huge boost in visibility this is for the LGBTQ+ community in children's programming.

And where this is beautiful, queer love... there is fanart.

Also... don't kill me but... I honestly always thought his name was Mr. RATHburn...

What kind of Arthur fan am I even?!

To make up for my sins... I will go to the library today.

I hope this made you smile today.

Nostalgia forever!

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