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An Elderly Canadian Woman Just Died From Being Outside To Check On Her Husband

The cold claims a life.
An Elderly Canadian Woman Just Died From Being Outside To Check On Her Husband

An 83-year-old woman in Ontario died sometime Wednesday morning when checking on her husband outside, succumbing to the extreme cold that has overtaken the province and other parts of Canada. 

The woman in question, Ada Triebner, lived with her husband Grant in Blue Water, Ontario, a small town part of Huron County, just north of London, Ontario. 

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At around 9am on Wednesday, local police forces went to conduct a well-being check at the couple’s home, only to find two bodies, reports Global News

Grant Trieben, 90, was found by police officers inside of a barn on the property. A heart attack is being listed as the cause of death, according to the Triebner’s obituary. 

Investigators and family members surmise that Ada, at some point wondering the whereabouts of her husband, went to go check on Grant. Venturing outside Ada died “trying to save the love of her life,” says the obituary, falling victim to the extreme cold.  

Temperatures dropped from -11°C to -15.2°C from January 3 to 4 according to the Weather Network and Bluewater is currently under an extreme cold warning.

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