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An Exclusive Look Inside Celine Dion's $50,000,000 Florida Mansion

If you've ever wondered just how baller Celine Dion really is, you just have to take a look at where she lives.

Today, Sotheby's Realty listed Celine's luxurious Florida estate after adjusting the price.

I like to imagine that this place just wasn't fancy enough for the Quebec Legend, so she decided to move-on-up to a house made of solid gold or something. But in reality she's selling because it's not being used enough.

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The estate is located on Jupiter Island, one of the most exclusive private domains in the world. And the asking price is $38,500,000 USD ($50,570,520.00 CAD):

This place includes 6 (yes, 6!) separate dwellings, including the main residence, a guest wing, and staff headquarters.

It has 3 separate pools, 2 of which connect with each other.

It has a living room embedded inside the pool, as well as a water park (Which you can see in the distance in the photo above)

The property also includes 400 feet of oceanfront access.

If you would like to see the interior of the house, including the gigantic private arcade, there is virtual tour video you can watch right here:

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