An Exclusive Look Inside Old Montreal's $3,000,000 Luxury Penthouse (20 Photos)

When one apartment just isn't enough to contain your extravagant lifestyle, the solution is simple. Take 2 apartments and combines them to create the ultimate luxury penthouse loft.

That's exactly what happened to to create this ridiculously fancy Ville-Marie apartment.

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The entire place is encased in glass with floor to ceiling windows, and it also features a massive wraparound terrasse that provides and extra 1,000 square feet of living space. Did I mention the terrasse also has a BBQ a fountain and ... trees?!

This place is so massive it's hard to tell what's what. It simply has too many rooms to count. There's one room just for games and entertainment featuring a designer pool table. It also has a full kitchen, a bar area, a glass walled sauna, and a huge home theater.

But here's the big ticket item:

The loft features a super secret magic staircase. (A super secret magic staircase? Yes, a super secret magic staircase!) When a sentence has that many awesome words, it needs to be repeated 3 times.

As the website puts it:

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