An Exclusive Montreal Griffintown Condo That Has Everything You Need In A Home

Look inside, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
An Exclusive Montreal Griffintown Condo That Has Everything You Need In A Home

My first time at the Lowney was at one of the first phases built in 2011, the Lowney567 located at 950 Rue Notre Dame O.

At the time, not as many condo projects were being constructed around Griffintown area, so it was a fairly "new" concept to have a building that provided all in house facilities. In this fast growing industry, Montreal has now become saturated with these buildings surrounding Griffintown, Downtown Montreal and the Old Port.

Because frankly, it's the ultimate bachelor/bachelorette Pad.

Let me explain.

The difference between living at the Lowney, or living at your typical standard condo building, is that these projects make you part of a membership. An exclusive VIP Club.

Each phase is equipped with a full gym, lap pool, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room and infiniti indoor pool, located at the rez-de-chausser level.

Then for playtime, there is a rooftop terrasse with lounge chairs and multiple seating areas, BBQ's, outdoor rooftop pools (yes, with an s) overlooking a spectacular view of Downtown Montreal.

Oh, and incase it rains- there's also a "chilling" area with access to wi-fi, pool tables and common kitchen areas.

It's also a block away from New City Gas

It is THE perfect setting for a young professional who has "la joie de vivre" as they say.

Since I last visited the complex, the Lowney has now expanded to Lowney Phase 8-9-10-11 and Lowney Sur Ville off Shannon, Ottawa, Ann and William street.

If you're looking to invest, everyone knows Griffintown is the new up and coming area to live in.

Incase you're wondering, yes, I plan on moving to the Lowney, ASAP.