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An Ice Storm Will Hit Quebec Later This Week

The first stage of the storm is expected by tomorrow night.
An Ice Storm Will Hit Quebec Later This Week

Freezing cold temperatures and mountains of snow and ice continue to plague Quebec today. Although we may be under the impression that there's a glimmer of hope for the future due to potentially warming temperatures, you might want to throw all of your expectations out the window now.

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TL;DR Another strong storm system is expected to hit Quebec this Wednesday evening, with ice, rain, and snow on the agenda across the province. Snowfall is expected to reach 5-15cm after an ice storm lands in southern Quebec. More details below.

Another major storm is on the way in Quebec, and this time it's going to come in three waves, with the most terrifying being an "ice blizzard."

The new system is expected to begin on Wednesday night with a dangerous ice storm. The more mild conditions accompanied by freezing rain will last into Thursday across southern Quebec. At the same time, stage two of the storm will begin across the province with heavy rainstorms, which could lead to possible flooding.

In the final stage, expect snowfall ranging from 5-15 centimeters through Thursday until the end of the week. At this point it's safe to say this might actually be the worst week we'll see all winter.

It doesn't end there, unfortunately. The snowfall will be making another return late Thursday afternoon. In reality, Quebec's vicious winter system is far from over.

Not to mention we're still dealing with the aftermath of the major storm that hit the province over the weekend. School boards and roads have been forced to close down and two power outages have already taken place in different Quebec regions. 

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The snow storm has already led to multiple serious accidents on snow-covered roads as well as at least one fatality. At this point, can the province really handle any more dangerous weather conditions?

Stay tuned for more updates on weather warnings in Quebec.


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