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Video Showing Intense Fight Taking Place In Montreal's Hochelaga Borough

That's going to leave a bruise.
Video Showing Intense Fight Taking Place In Montreal's Hochelaga Borough

The weekend just ended, meaning many Montrealers are still recovering from their Saturday and Sunday night out. Whether that may be getting over a hangover or getting into a bar fight. However last night went for you, it probably wasn't as unfortunate as what happened to these guys.

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Sure, fights happen all of the time in downtown Montreal, but this seems pretty intense. A video showing a group of men fighting each other on Fullum and Ontario St. in Hochelaga has gone viral, and you have to admit it looks pretty serious.

The video shows two men fighting against the other two, with both sides getting a bunch of massive punches in. The fight gets so bad that the men end up in the middle of the road, totally unphased by anything other than beating each other up.

One of the indivudals caught up in the brawl even ends up throwing the other man against a car right before another person comes in throwing even more punches around. 

During the video, you can see bystanders watching from afar, most likely too afraid to get involved in the argument that's going on. In the end, the fight finally breaks up when two of the men begin to back away, although the other group does manage to get in a few more hits to the face before that happens.

We don't really know what exactly caused the massive argument, but it's safe to say it must have been something pretty serious.


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