An Open Letter To Single Girls Who Are Still Waiting For "The One"

Don't worry. Your time will come.

Dear Single Girl,

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There is something really important you need to hear today: You truly deserves the best in life and this is why you have to stop waiting for The One. Being single doesn’t mean you are less worthy than the rest, and it doesn’t have to define your life. You probably keep asking yourself why you’ve been single forever and all your friends are in a relationship, but you have to stop that bad habit of comparing yourself to them. Every fairytale has its own happy ending. Do not worry, because yours will come too.

There is a theory about soulmates, that says that originally, every human is created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. But unfortunately their body have been cut in two and each half were condemned to spend the rest of their life searching for their other half. But Love is so strong that the two separate parts were allowed to meet again and then love each other for the rest of eternity. If this is true, then your other half is searching for you right now. So I promise you, he’s on his way. The One. Maybe it will be today, or tomorrow, or even in a few years, but who cares ? No need to rush things. It will happen when the time is right.

For the time being, don’t sit and wait. Goods things don’t come to those who wait. You are worth much more than that. Live your life to the fullest while you’re free from a commitment. Get out there, follow your deepest dreams, travel, do something with your life that is worth writing thousands of stories about. Find yourself first. The One shouldn’t have to be the sign to start doing something. You are strong and don’t need to wait for someone to complete you. Instead, you only need someone to accept you for the whole that you already are.

When you’ll meet The One, it will take you days, months, years to get to know each other very well. Every day you’ll learn something different about him and so will he. Keep the adventures you did by yourself for those late-night pillows talks. You will understand his life more because you will have already figure out how to be your own person when you did not wait for him. By bringing your own baggage you are going to fill up the blank spaces between the two of you, and since you learned to get comfortable with being alone and do your own little things, you won’t need him to survive.

Try to start appreciating what you have that your friends in a commitment don’t have. Like the whole bed to yourself or go months without shaving. You even have control of Netflix: you can watch the six seasons of Gossip Girl all over again without being interrupted. You’re free to do whatever you want.

And then one day.

One day, everything will change. At the moment you least expect it, your paths will cross for the first time: at a café, at the grocery store, at a friend’s birthday or even on the streets. A simple eye contact will have enough power to set your soul on fire. Then he’ll say ‘hello’ and you’ll understand that the stars are now perfectly aligned and everything can now fall into place seamlessly.

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