Animal Sacrifice Is Totally Legal In Quebec

Here's something I wasn't aware of, it's completely legal to sacrifice animals in Quebec according to the MAPAQ. A bunch of people freaked out yesterday when a Muslim family was seen slicing a lamb's throat in a Mascouche field in broad daylight. As it turns out, this was being done for a Holiday called Eid al-Adha where tradition calls for an animal to be sacrificed and the meat to be divided among friends, family and neighbors.

The law in Quebec states that any person can legally slaughter an animal for personal consumption and that's pretty much what the sacrifice entails. So all of this is nice and legal. Well, but probably not all that nice. But at least legal.

And this isn't exactly a rare practice, the owner of the field where the sacrifice took place claims he allowed at least 80 sacrifices on his land and sold dozens more to people who wanted to slaughter them elsewhere. Hopefully not inside their apartments.

So yeah, I'm not appalled at the sacrifice, in the end it's just butchering and eating an animal with a few prayers tacked on. And it's probably a lot less cruel and painful that hunting a deer with a bow and arrow.  I'm also not judging the farmer who sold the lambs, every animal he sells gets slaughtered one way or another.

I'm seriously just amazed that Animal sacrifice is legal in Quebec.

How about you?