More Than 7,000 Quebec Students Vote For Week-Long Climate Strike This Spring

There may just be another climate strike happening in the next month.
More Than 7,000 Quebec Students Vote For Week-Long Climate Strike This Spring
  • Another Quebec climate strike may be taking place next month, considering over 7,000 students have already voted in favour of it.
  • It will be a week-long protest, referred to as the Student Coalition for Environmental and Social Change's Transition Week.
  • Get all the details about the potential protest below.

The massive protest that took place in Montreal last September sent shock waves through the entire province of Quebec as 500,000 people took to the streets of Montreal for the historic Climate Strike. Well, on April 3, another climate protest may very well take place, as many students across the province have already given their support to it. And this would be the final day of a week-long strike for some. So, I hope you kept your posters from the last protest because another Quebec climate strike is (potentially) about to go down.

This demonstration will take place as part of a week-long climate strike led by the Student Coalition for a Social and Environmental Shift (CEVES). This week, called Transition Week, will run from March 30 to April 3.

As of this Monday, March 2, around lunchtime, 7,273 students have already voted for the strike, CEVES says via its Facebook page. And that number is only going to increase.

The latter aims to denounce the harmful impact on the environment of certain projects, such as the Quebec LNG liquefaction plant.

In addition, other votes should also take place in the coming days in order for the strike to last a full week.

The first protest took place in Quebec City, where six departments at Laval University, namely Physics, Anthropology, Forestry, Archaeology, Music and Geography (graduate level), have already voted to go on strike, reports Métro.

The CEGEPs of Saint-Félicien, in the Saguenay and Marie-Victorin, in Montreal, have also agreed to a week-long strike.

Another electronic vote should take place this week at Laval University. The opinion of graduate students will be heard and could result in the absence of 11,000 more people from Laval U classrooms by the end of March.

In Montreal, the situation could also be on the verge of turning in this direction.

Indeed, the Centre collégial du Mont-Tremblant, the CEGEP de Saint-Laurent, the CEGEP du Vieux-Montréal and the CEGEP de Maisonneuve would also be on the verge of voting when spring break returns.

The Student Coalition for Environmental and Social Change's Transition Week will be more than just a strike, the association's website says.

This strike will mainly aim to denounce, but also to educate people, about the climate crisis.

Workshops and conferences will be used in schools to achieve these goals.

More details are to come in the upcoming days.