Any Montrealer Can Do Laundry For Free In The Plateau This Week

Old socks = free laundry, for this week only.
Any Montrealer Can Do Laundry For Free In The Plateau This Week

Photo cred - optic_options

Having a laundry machine in your apartment is a luxury most of us don't get to enjoy. Even having a laundry machine in your building isn't that amazing, because the whole process ends up costing you a legit $5-$10 for the whole washer-dryer process. This week, you'll still have to leave your place to do laundry, but here's a whole new incentive to haul your dirty clothes off to a particular laundromat: free laundry for the entire week.

Little Lost Sock Cafe-Laundromat on St. Denis are the folks offering to let you clean your duds for zero charge, as part of their Sock for the Homeless event. In truth, doing laundry at Little Lost Sock technically won't be entirely free for the week, but it'll be close enough. All you need to do to get access to their 16 washing machines for zero charge is donate some old socks and underwear for the homeless.

We all have socks and clothes we almost never wear, so you mine as well put them to good use, while also getting the magnificent boon of free laundry. Just by saving your money on laundry, you could actually have enough by the end of the week to buy a whole new set of socks, so the free-laundry-for-old-undergarments is too good to pass up, especially when you're helping the needy keep warm in the winter.

More than just a laundromat, Little Lost Sock is a combo-cafe with free internet and, of course, lots of coffee and snacks. So basically you have the ideal study set up: do some laundry fo' free, enjoy the quiet atmosphere with some coffee, get a bunch of shit done, and leave knowing you aided a good cause, while being productive, on a personal and academic level. Triple win.

To get all the details on The Little Lost Sock's free laundry for socks event (ongoing 'til Saturday) head over to the official Facebook event page here.