Apple Just Released A New $1,000 Stand For Its $5,000 Monitor And Twitter Is Ripping It Apart

Apple just released its newest product, and it's perfect for those of you who have almost $17,000 to throw out of the window

The new product is a $5,000 (USD) monitor that doesn't come with its stand, which is sold for an additional 1,000 USD. The computer itself, dubbed MacPro, sells for almost $6,000 (USD).

The new monitor boasts a 6K resolution, and the computer is supposed to be Apple's most powerful computer to date. However, people don't seem particularly impressed by the revelation.

Many are pointing out that there are many things you could do with the $999 USD (or $1,336 CAD) you would otherwise spend on a stand:

That's over a year's worth of monthly OPUS card top-ups, or an iPhone X.

In case you are wondering why the stand is so expensive:

You could DIY your own stand like this user suggests:

And, it's hard to miss the comparison between the new computer and a cheese grater:

But why stop at cheese graters? Apple should just come out with an entire line of kitchenware.

I am a fan of puns, and this dude put it particularly well when he said the following:

A video of the Apple conference shows the crowd audibly gasping when the price of the monitor was announced.

Some are defending the hefty price point, noting that the computer was not designed for everyday users.

Maybe this story is actually kind of inspiring. You can convince people of anything if you try hard enough. BRB while I try to finesse my way out of a speeding ticket.

So, while this new product may be great for a very niche group of people, the rest of us will just have to keep using our common, cheap monitor and feel like peasants.

Read the Global News report about the new stand here.