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It's Official, Montreal Is Opening Its First Ever "Arcade Bar" This Spring

Game on in the Latin Quarter.
It's Official, Montreal Is Opening Its First Ever "Arcade Bar" This Spring

Move over pinball, because now we have a real arcade-bar fusion to enjoy in Montreal. Well, not quite yet, but soon, as the masterminds behind Arcade MTL have had their wish granted, as the City of Montreal has finally signed off on letting them open a bar dedicated to retro arcade gaming.

Announced on the Arcade MTL (a Montreal-based group that regularly hosts pop-up drinking-gaming events, if you didn't know) Facebook page, the bar will almost open its doors this April in the Latin Quarter. But as grand as announcement as this is, the road to Montreal's first "bar arcade" wasn't exactly smooth.

You may remember that a few months ago, Arcade MTL's founder, Dominic Bourret/Papa Cosette, tried to get the arcade bar concept off the ground, only to meet resistance from borough leaders.

Basically, there was a bylaw in place prohibiting the sale of alcohol in a venue that has video game machines. With that, the City of Montreal pretty much put a kabosh on Papa Cosette's plan (you can read the full story here).

But apparently the whole thing was just a huge misunderstanding.

Municipal leaders opposed to the bar arcade concept (and don't call it a "barcade," because that sh*t is copyrighted...oops) because they assumed you would have to pay to play each game.

That was never Casette's intention (and still is, so expect free-to-play arcade games at the new bar), and once the payment dilemma was cleared up with the City of Montreal, the bar arcade officially got the green light.

As it's still being planned out, there isn't a ton of information to divulge on Montreal's very first bar arcade. But thanks to the Facebook announcement and an interview with Casette conducted by, we can let you in on a few specifics.

Scheduled to open on April 1st (and if this is an elaborate April Fools joke, I'll murder someone), the Arcade MTL bar will likely be around Saint Denis and Ontario in the Latin Quarter, as Casette alluded the establishment will be quite near to the existing gaming-themed bar Nexus.

The venue itself is actually already an existing bar (thus making things easier in terms of alcohol permits) but no specific name was given, so we can't provide an exact address.

You can also look forward to about 15 different arcade games (which will be free, remember) once the bar launches. More may be added, or at least rotated in as time goes on.

Arcade MTL won't be ending their regular series of events as they're gearing up towards opening the bar either, for those worried. The gaming group will be hosting their next two gaming parties on March 3rd and 10th, which should give you something of a preview of what the bar will be like if you've never been.

To keep tabs on the story and to hear more about the opening of Montreal's first official arcade bar, head to Arcade MTL's Facebook page.

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