Archaeologists Claim They Have Discovered The Original Santa Claus' Tomb

First allow me to tread carefully just in case some younger readers have somehow stumbled upon this. Don't worry kids Santa Claus is alive and well. 

Anyways, we all know Santa Claus is real right? (riiiiiiiight?) 

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Well this article is about the very first Santa Claus: Old Saint Nick, AKA Saint Nicholas. 

Turkish archaeologistsbelieve they have discovered his remains beneath a church at his birthplace in Turkey.

For a long time his bones were thought to have been stolen, but now some archaeologists have found a temple underneath the church and they believe that's where the remains of Saint Nicholas are buried. 

St. Nicholas was known for his legendary habit of secret gift-giving which eventually gave rise to the story of Santa Claus we know today.


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