Montreal Gets Its First-Ever "Archery Tag" Game Room

Let the arrows fly.
Montreal Gets Its First-Ever "Archery Tag" Game Room

You've done dodgeball, you've played paintball, conquered all the best escape games, and you've exhausted all other forms of screen-less high-energy entertainment Montreal has to offer, leaving you with not much to do during the (rather cold and wet) start of spring where you're still forced indoors.

But there's a new way to have more than a little fun (while burning off some steam) without heading outside in Montreal, and it's definitely something you've never done before. Allow us to introduce you to Combat d'Archers Montréal, the city's very first "combat archery" venue, as the name kind of spells out.

Otherwise known as "archery dodgeball" or "archery paintball," combat archery is pretty much a fusion of tag with a bow-and-arrow. Basically, you're equipped with a bow and foam-tipped arrow and you then make it your mission to eliminate all other players in the game by nailing them with an airborne projectile.

Don't worry, though, you're given a mask and arm-guard (and again, all the arrows are foam-tipped) so you won't get hurt at all should you get tagged.

So in the newly opened 10,000 sq/ft arena, decked out with astro turf and bunkers for projectile-protection, you can square off against friends armed solely with your bow and dominate the competition. There's even a practice space where you'll play mini-games to prep before your match.

All in all, combat archery is pretty much the closest you'll get to feeling like Green Arrow/Hawkeye/Legolas/Link/Sailor Mars/Katniss/whatever fictional archer you've always dreamt of being.

The entire Combat d'Archer complex is pretty sweet too, even if you're not into the whole archery tag thing. Ping Pong and Foosball tables are set up in the lobby, and there's even a WiiU (Mario Party fans, rejoice) for you to play, all of which is included in the price of admission.

Open near Pie-IX and Hochelaga since mid-March, Combat d'Archers Montréal has an ongoing promotion celebrating it's grand unveiling. For more details on Combat d'Archers Montréal's prices, services, or anything else, head to the official website and Facebook page here.

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