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"Arctic" Temperatures And High-Speed Winds Will Create Dangerous Road Conditions In Quebec This Weekend

This morning we were pleasantly greeted by the most snowfall we've seen this year. Seriously, it looks like a winter wonderland outside – it's not too cold, the snow is nice and fluffly. Falling snow always makes everything look more magical. Who knew snow could be so great?

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TL;DR Quebec is in for arctic-like conditions for the upcoming weekend as snowfall continues into Friday evening. The cold system will depart on Saturday evening and be replaced by 30km/h wind gusts and freezing Arctic air. Wind will blow ice and snow, causing dangerous conditions.

Unfortunately, it's a sentiment that will not last very long, as it looks like Mother Nature is going to pummel Quebec over the weeked. 

Time to say goodbye to the fairytale snow we were all excited for, because the province is about to get some pretty serious Arctic conditions.

Up to 15cm of snow is expected today alone, and that's only in the Saint Lawrence River Valley. Larger accumulations of snow are likely south of Montreal, meaning we should all prepare to experience a massive whiteout by tonight.

Although it's predicted that the snowfall will leave by Saturday evening, dangerous 30km/h gusts of wind will take its place followed by "Arctic air" on Sunday.

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Frigid temperatures combined with blowing snow and ice will create what The Weather Network calls "treacherous driving conditions." As of now, snowfall warnings remain in effect for southern Quebec, so you might want to consider enjoying the winter weather from a more comfortable setting.

Plus, who likes driving in winter conditions anyway? Stay tuned for more information on Quebec's winter forecast.


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