Are We Taking Feminism Too Far In Montreal?

Wake up, people.
Are We Taking Feminism Too Far In Montreal?

On my way to work today, I grabbed Journal Metro for a change. At first, I got completely overwhelmed by the amount of feminist articles, but then realized, "Oh, right, it's the International Women's Day today..." I wasn't going to write any sort of reaction to this morning's stories, most of them were empowering and interesting.

But then I came across an article that listed short sexist and stereotypical comments from our everyday life that should cease to exist in our modern society, but still do, unfortunately. One of them was the following:

In other words, if boys were asked to do 20 push-ups, girls would only have to do 15. Is this situation really sexist and unjust?

First, I'd like to remind you what feminism is: it's "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men." Our physical differences are NOT part of the debate. Why? Simply because men ARE, in fact, on average, stronger than women.

Let's take professional athletes, for example. On average, top female athletes score 90% of their male counterparts. Men, generally, have more upper body strength, more testosterone and more muscle mass. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but ON AVERAGE, this is a reality.

"The very strongest female athletes are barely above the median of grip strength for men. The top 75th percentile of female athletes are below the bottom 25th percentile of men. [...] you can also observe that even the most muscular women can barely beat the least muscular men." (Source)

Why not embrace our physical differences instead of trying to constantly fight them? Women are more delicate and feminine, but it does not make us weaker or less important. We can complete each other like Yin and Yang instead of trying to prove how we're just as physically strong as men. Women have certain strengths (more body-fat and long-term endurance), men have others (more brute strength), together we can form the most powerful and unbreakable team ever. Let's focus on that.

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