Aritzia Now Sells Pants That Totally Look Like Modrobes from the 90's

The comfy crotch pants are back!!!
Aritzia Now Sells Pants That Totally Look Like Modrobes from the 90's

When people think of Canadian fashion, it's usually the classic all-denim Canadian Tuxedo, maybe with a bit of plaid thrown in for good measure.

But anyone who spent any time growing up in the 90s knows the truest and most important piece of fashion in Canadian history was one very simple pair of pants: Modrobes.

The multi-coloured buckle-clip pants that were reminiscent of hospital scrubs and lacked any stretch whatsoever had a stronghold on Canadian fashion, and now Aritzia, another Canadian fashion company, has done the unthinkable and started selling pants that look almost EXACTLY like Modrobes.

In the first photo, you can see the new Tna pants, which are being sold at Aritizia for $110. The second photo was taken from Instagram and shows how similar the new Tna pants are to the classic Modrobes.

Modrobes were designed and made in Canada by Sarnia-born Steven Sal Debus. In an article with Vice, he told the tale of designing the pants for an entrepreneurship class, calling them "Exam Pants." After getting a 70 on the assignment, he decided to go through with the business plan and Modrobes were officially born.

The pants' popularity skyrocketed like anything that exists in the semi-underground world of University campuses and before long dweeby 12-year-olds like me were buying them from our local Jean Machines or Boathouses to cash in on the cool.

Tna's new take on the pants are 100% cotton, not a poly-cotton blend like the original, and they also have an elastic tapered bottom and some extra pockets... but you see what I'm talking about, right?! They're totally the 2019 version of Modrobes.

You can still find the real, original Modrobes for sale online on eBay for anywhere from $50 to $60, so if this article has made you nostalgic for Comfy Crotch Pants and you don't have $110 to drop at Aritizia, you can just go and buy yourself some of the vintage classics.

What would be even better is if Sal Debus would just reopen his shop on Dupont in Toronto and give us back the comfy pants we deserve. I know more than a handful of girls in the Mile End that would for sure buy a pair...

I hope this article brought you warm and fuzzy memories of growing up in Canada in the 90s... it truly was a beautiful time. Here's "Steal My Sunshine," by Len to just round out this Canadian feel-good nostalgia moment.

My parting words: If she doesn't remember Modrobes, she's too young for you bro.

Head to to read their full interview with Steven Sal Debus about this history of Modrobes.

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