Artists Have Been Turning Anti-Homeless Spikes Into Beds

A fantastic way to fight injustice.
Artists Have Been Turning Anti-Homeless Spikes Into Beds

Remember when the city of Montreal installed metal spikes near stores to prevent homeless people from being able to lie down? Most people weren't too happy about that. Homeless people have it hard enough, and trying to "shoo" them away with "sharpened buttplugs" is not the proper way to handle to situation.

Well it turns out we're not the only place with "anti-homeless spikes". Shop owners in the UK have also been installing  them and local artists have decided to do something about it.

Instead of fighting to have the spikes removed, members of the group which calls itself "Space Not Spikes" have been turning the spikes into beds. They even added mini libraries so that people would have something to read while they rest.

According to Unilad, the group claims that the city shouldn't be able to tell you where you can walk or where you can sit based on whether or not you've got money to spend. The city belongs to everyone regardless of whether you own or rent a  home.

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