Ashton Kutcher Helps You "Hunt" For Cool Clothes

Ashton Kutcher Helps You "Hunt" For Cool Clothes

So you've pinned over one hundred items to your fashion board on Pinterest and liked two hundred more posts of fashionista's "OOTN's" or "OOTD's" on Instragram- but you haven't got the slightest clue as to where any of those stylish pieces came from.

Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks have finally stepped in to offer a solution that common problem. Banks and Kutcher have recently invested in The Hunt, an online, community like source that is intended to help hopeful shoppers discover where some of their favorite mystery pieces come from.

The Hunt is super easy to use and lots of fun to even browse through. First, visitors must sign up to the website  in order to become members. Next, users are free to post photos of any fashion item. Once their photo is up, if other users are aware of where to purchase the item, they are encouraged to reply by pasting the link of that store's online source.

Users can also chose to "follow" certain posts, so that once another user has provided a store link for the item, they can be notified.

The Hunt was created to help shoppers track down items they love and want. We think the website's purpose is brilliant, and its community like presence will certainly drag in tons of hopeful shoppers!

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