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Asian Girl That Has White Boy Fetish

Her last boyfriend was white, and the one before that. and the one before that...
Asian Girl That Has White Boy Fetish

Yellow fever, Asian fetish, asiaphile, the weird number of words can go on for dudes who, for whatever reason (too much anime?) have their lusty eyes only set on girls of Asian descent. If you're an Asian girl, you probably know what I'm talking about, if not, the video below will show you how it goes down, just in reverse.

Tired of creepy white dudes approaching her at bars, saying borderline racist comments in attempt to get in her pants, YouTuber Joy Regullano decided to switch things around. Instead of being hit on by a white boy with yellow fever, Regullano plays a parody of herself as an Asian girl with "White fetish."

Hilarious and totally on point, the video touches on all the tired old pick up lines an Asian girl may hear at bar from a guy who only wants to get with her for race and cultural origin. Sad to say, this stuff actually happens, but good to see someone calling out all the weird white folk. Kudos to AngryAsianMan for pointing us towards this gem.

Check out "White Fetish" below.

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