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At Least 5 McGill University Professors Accused Of Sexual Violence

Montreal students inspired by Concordia students' stories.
At Least 5 McGill University Professors Accused Of Sexual Violence

Here we go again. 

It's no secret that the student-teacher relationship dynamic is something that exists all over the place, and not just in the movies. 

Concordia University had been subject to sexual misconduct accusations, with numerous stories coming out in recent months. 

Today, Montreal's McGill University takes a turn under the microscope.

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At least 5 professors have been accused of sexual violence, and are "known" to have engaged in abusive behavior as students at the top Montreal university call the issue an "open secret."

Students at McGill University are alleging that the school hasn't done a thing to address the complaints against the 5 accused professors, and even go as far as to say that they are discouraged from making any claims or allegations. 

The professors in question teach in the Faculty of Arts departments.

The allegations range from routinely sleeping with students in their classes, to being in abusive relationships with the students they're supervising.

The vice-president of external affairs for the Students' Society of McGill University, Connor Spencer, has said that university administrators are well aware of the allegations but have not acted on any of the reports.

"Everyone's aware of where the problems are and no one's doing anything to address it, year after year," Spencer said.

Many McGill students are too afraid to come forward with their stories because they know the professors have lawyered up and are incredibly mobilized. 

An open letter to the university demanding an external investigation into the Dean of Arts' office has been given by the Students' Society of McGill University

Spencer also notes having been in rooms with upper administration members who've made it very clear they are aware of the professors engaging in this sexual misconduct, and that they're not doing anything about it, calling it "frankly horrifying."

More information is expected to come out on Thursday after a conference at the Montreal university. 

Officials at McGill have denied to comment and said that they just received the letter today (Wednesday, April 4). 

McGill Students are following the lead from Concordia students who have come forward to bring focus to the professor's sexual abuse at their school.

One thing's for sure here, the Universities in Montreal are all going to be examined under a microscope very closely. 

#TimesUp, McGill University! 

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